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Welcome to C&F Garment Management

We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your garments reach the store on time, every time, looking perfect. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the fashion trade, we have an expert eye for detail and a smart head for logistics. We also have the specialised equipment and warehousing capacity a garment-based business needs.

But technology and experience are only part of the story. What really makes the difference is the attitude of our people. When you deal with C&F Garment Management, you’ll be working with people who love fashion as much as you do. Their standards are sky-high because they know how important it is to make sure everything looks perfect. Come and visit and hear the sounds of the pacific whilst the work is being done. From sewing on a single button to pressing, ticketing and despatching an entire shipment.

Our Services


We offer garment washing for pre shrinkage and softening of fabric, as well as specialised enzyme washing to age and lighten denim and cotton garments.

Trade Pressing

Our expertise in garment pressing and tunnel finishing is famous in the fashion trade.


We offer full QC service, and can re-work most issues that may arise in your bulk garment deliveries.


Focus on fashion, not storage.
We can take the pressure off your warehouse
by providing storage in ours.


From QC, flatpack to any distribution,
you need to know orders will arrive in stores
on the day they’re due. Leave it to us.


Our staff take real pride in making sure every order
gets the attention it deserves. It’s the sort of passion money can’t buy.

Veit Tunnel Finisher

Announcing our new Veit Tunnel Finisher 8657.
Immaculate garments at speed.

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of our state of the art new German Veit Tunnel Finisher 8657, to replace our existing tunnel. By eliminating the need for time-consuming pressing and touch-ups, we can now turn around immaculate garments even faster than before.

What can our new Veit Tunnel Finisher deliver?

We’ve invested in exciting new technology with our new Veit Tunnel Finisher, which was developed in collaboration with top European garment manufacturers. It delivers a wide range of benefits including:

      • Extremely fast turnaround
      • Hugely superior results from the tunnel only, especially on harder fabrics to finish such as 100% cotton, cotton spandex, leather, denim, silk, and heavy and light specialty fabrics
      • An additional pre-conditioning cotton care mode
      • Hard creases in linen and jeans disappear with the adjusting steam chamber
      • A more consistent smoothing air chamber with a special ‘steam doll’ effect, fills the garment from inside creating extra volume even with dense and padded garments
      • Unpleasant odors in textiles that are produced during manufacture or transit can be effectively removed during the drying process

Delivering on our environmental commitment

C&F is committed to reducing our environmental impact, and our new Veit Tunnel Finisher helps us deliver on that commitment. By producing consistent, energy-efficient drying and smoothing, it lowers our overall energy impact by a minimum of 40%. This sits alongside our other green initiatives including comprehensive recycling of all our cardboard and plastics.

Ready for our Finisher? We’re ready to start!

Discover for yourself the outstanding quality of finish on your garments from our new Veit Tunnel Finisher. We’d love you to have a free demonstration, so contact us today.


C&F Garment Management can take pressure off your storage facilities and trim cost from your bottom line.
We do this by supporting your garment logistic chain with two flexible solutions.

If you find yourself running out of space – or worried about the cost of adding more storage – ask about our
bulk warehousing service. We’ll store your garments in flat packs or on hangers, ready to be dispatched when you want to get them in front of customers. Simply arrange to have your bulk shipments delivered directly to C&F Garment Management where they can be washed, ironed, pressed, ticketed, checked and stored, ready for despatch on demand.

To make things really simple, take advantage of our pickface service. As well as warehousing your product lines, we can set up a full-service pick, pack and despatch solution. Using a 3rd party logistic solution like this can be a really smart way to streamline your operations.

We can tailor our warehousing service to meet your requirements, so get in touch and we’ll get busy
on your behalf.

SINCE 1978

We started out as a trade pressing specialist, and pressing is still a big part of our service. But the apparel industry has evolved, and so have we. These days, C&F Garment Management offers a complete garment management service, from the time your shipment lands in our delivery dock to the time it arrives in your stores.

We can trim a lot of cost from your supply chain. By managing the entire process from shipment to completed order, we can eliminate part of the need for a warehouse (and the overhead that goes with it). We could even get rid of the need for a warehouse altogether. This would be a direct saving, straight to your bottom line.

Whether you’d like to take advantage of our end-to-end, seamless garment management service, or just need us to handle part of the process – give us a call. We’d love to show what we can do for you.

Our Clients

We’re incredibly proud to be part of the support team behind many of New Zealand’s top fashion brands. We can’t show all our customers here, but rest assured that each one gets the very best service we can offer.

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